Trialogfem VI

Three Days, Three Women Creators, Three visions of Contemporary Dance and an Art That Transforms Us

Trialogfem is an international contemporary dance festival for professionals and enthusiasts of this discipline, focused on giving visibility to women artists.

Over three days, Dana Raz, the Israeli choreographer based in Asturias, drives a creative and experimental trialogue, led by three renowned artists.

High-level workshops and dance exhibitions that move all kinds of audiences, in a project that also makes visible the legacy of women in dance.

After 5 editions, Trialogfem evolves into a new format: ‘Trialogfem Extended’ which aims to offer a space for exchange between professional and semi-professional students in a more intensive format. This new space will be developed in the days leading up to the Trialogfem project.

Place: La Laboral City of Culture

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Anat Grigorio

Victoria P. Miranda

Carmen Werner

Carmen Werner

Dana Raz

Oryan Yohanan

Erika Silgoner

Yadira Rodriguez

Ravid Abarbanel

Yaima Santana

Lucia Piquero

Rocío Sempere

Beatriz Palenzuela

From 27th August to 1st September | La Laboral (Gijón)

This sixth edition has many new features and one of them is that it has two modes of participation, thereby ensuring that everyone can find their place and movement within the project.

The choreographers responsible for leading the project alongside Dana Raz (Israel-Spain) are Surasi Lavalle (Mexico) and Oryan Yohanan (Israel). Additionally, with the expansion of activities, Trialogfem will feature the Asturian choreographer Manuel Badás, the Argentine choreographer Florencia Buzo, and the Asturian composer Sara Muñiz.


  • Dance Laboratory: This special activity moves away from traditional teaching and instead fosters an informal, collaborative environment where choreographers and participants blend styles and discover new resources of movement through experiential processes. Live-composed music adds a dynamic layer of inspiration.
  • ‘Mujer tenías que ser’: This empowering session merges two artistic disciplines to explore commonalities and empower women through innovative and enjoyable tools for personal and movement development.
  • Trialogfem Show: An exhibition of female contemporary dance, through the creations of the current edition´s choreographers.
  • Trialogfem Journey: An innovative extract,, of which we already saw its first seeds planted in the previous edition. We offer another look at the different spaces of La Laboral, a ‘Journey’ through contemporary dance. We take dance out of its usual place, the stage, into spaces imbued with history, architecture, and magic. By merging them with dance, we will give the viewer an avant-garde, unique, and special experience.
  • Workshops: Participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the artist’s world through an intensive session, learning and experiencing her methodology, repertoire, and creative process.


⇒Trialogfem 2024

For All The Publics

Dates: 30st & 31st of AUGUST & 1st of SEPTEMBER

Place: La Laboral City of Culture, Gijón (Asturias)

Ages: Over 12 years old


⇒Trialogfem extended

Professionals and semiprofessionals

Dates 27th -31th of AUGUST & 1st of SEPTEMBER

Place: La Laboral City of Culture, Gijón (Asturias)