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Shoal is an English word that reminds us of the harmonic movement of fish groups. It consists of a set of two contemporary dance pieces (Etzem Zar and Golem) performed by women who dive into the depths of the soul, releasing emotions that shape our own identity when combined with the presence of a strange body, which could disrupt our nature or turn it into harmony.


Production: Dana Raz Dance Projects ​

Choreography: Dana Raz​​

Music: Juan J. Ochoa y Alex Aller​

Costume: Dana Raz y Marta Prado​

Escenography: Luis Antonio Suarez.​

Ilumination: Txus Plágaro​

Dancers: Paula Fernández y Dana Raz​

Production /Stage manager: Itziar Díaz​

Distribution: Klemark ​

Comunication: Irene Menéndez ​

Duration: 50 min

Actividad  subvencionada por  el  
Gobierno  del  Principado  de  Asturias