Dana Raz Dance Projects, the company.

Dana Raz (Israel, 1985) is the choreographer of Dana Raz Dance Projects. As a dancer she developed most of her career at the prestigious Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company where she has her artist roots and where she still keeps strong connections.

“No movement, no body expression… nothing is right or wrong if it comes from a true place.”

Dana Raz

In 2013, Dana moved to Asturias (Spain) and founded Dana Raz Dance Projects, promoting contemporary dance projects throughout Spain but also in Israel, Russia, France, Italy and Greece. Wolves (2016) and Muktzeh (2019) are the most outstanding pieces in a repertoire with 10 choreographies.

The company participates in renowned festivals: Open Look and Point Festival, in Russia, Danza Gijón, Festival De Verano, La Red, Abril en Danza… in Spain. In addition the company has promoted different contemporary dance projects, such as Trialogfem, a festival that gives visibility to women creators within contemporary dance.

In addition to her creative work, the choreographer teaches workshops and creative processes all over the world. Under the name of Drop and Cacht she has taught hundreds of students in Russia, France, United States, Spain, Israel, Malta, Greece, Italy and other contries . During the quarantine period she organized Online Contemporary Dance Classes where they brought together students from more than 20 countries online every Saturday.

Raz has different awards, such as the Yair Shapira (2012) or the Serondaya de las Artes (2016) for her innovation in culture.