Trialogfem is a contemporary dance project, carried out by Dana Raz Dance Projects, that gives visibility to the creative woman within contemporary dance. For 3 days, 3 creators of 3 different styles offer workshops and show their latest creations to all those attending the project. Trialogfem will arrive to its 5th edition in 2023. … More Trialogfem

Majluta Lab

People in movement Majluta Lab, People in movement, is about investigation and creation through the contemporary dance. This project is aiming to connect each one to himself, physically and mentally, give space to awaken all your longings. We invite you for a private and honest journey, where you are in the center, self-discovering, silent therapy … More Majluta Lab

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The last piece of Dana Raz Dance Projects Muktzeh on the media

Drop and Catch Workshops

According to the methodology worked by Dana Raz, the base of movement is in the center of gravity of the body. That’s where the initiation of the movement starts, almost in a circular way. The discipline, the personal challenge and the solidarity between the dancers, are three essential premises for Dana Raz in the professional formation. Values that lead to a clear improvement in both its technique and its artistic personality.
​ … More Drop and Catch Workshops


Choreographies by Dana Raz are defined by a strong sense of movement, extremely intense and physical, and plenty of visual and strong images on the stage. Its repertoire shows a connection between the main themes addressed by the choreographer in her pieces since she started to create, such us the nature of the human beings, relationships, religion or feminism. … More Repertoire